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Transformative Wellness Retreat

Together We’ll Foster Our Love for Humanity and Our Earth

Monday, July 22, 2024

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

@Temescal Beach House

6500 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618

Welcome Social Justice Activists, Leaders,
Frontline Workers & Change-Makers!

Join us for a day of deep restoration, joyful healing, and intentional self-care.

You'll gain valuable insights into how trauma affects our nervous systems, and learn nurturing practices to rejuvenate your spirit while cultivating embodied somatic and creative activities. Together, we’ll take a sacred pause to create a space of renewal, healing, and joy, empowering justice, and fostering our love for humanity and the Earth.

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation,
and that is an act of political warfare. -
Audre Lorde

Restore and Renew | Take a sacred pause from the challenges of overwhelming news, social injustices, workplace stressors, and health inequities.

Expand Your Toolkit | Learn new healing practices and tools to support your well-being and enhance your impact.

Nourish Yourself | Enjoy healthy snacks and a delicious vegan/vegetarian lunch.

Community and Connection | Connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to social justice and positive change.

We offer a multi-tiered access equity framework to ensure everyone can participate. If your organization is interested in registering multiple staff members, please email us at for more information on group registrations.


We also encourage agencies, organizations, schools, and clinics to sponsor staff attendance as a paid training day, complete with provided learning objectives and outcomes to help participants bring valuable insights back to their teams.

Our team includes H. Ameeta Singh, LMFT with extensive experience addressing issues of colonization, race, class, ethnicity, immigration, privilege, and oppression. Monique "Adeyemi" LeSarre, PsyD is a light-skinned, multiracial, queer, neurodivergent CIS femme with a rich background in organizing, teaching, community healing, and systemic change. Find out more at

For questions, contact us at 415.940.2067 or email

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